Monday, August 07, 2006

Good Morning, Radicals!!!

Welcome to the Radicals Blog! After years of emails devoted to the gathering and sharing of everything from petitions to voter registration marathons, to articles of interest from, amongst others, our pals Sye Hersch, Thomas Friedman, Howard Zinn, Tom Tomorrow, etc., I am consolidating the whole schmeggagie (if you want the translation, you better ask my mom) into a blog.

My focus is changing - in truth, I have not signed a petition in months, and haven't written a Senator or House Member in a ridiculously long time. I'm sure Ms. Feinstein and Ms. Harman's offices, et al, are happy about this. The system is long gone for me, and I have realized that the President cares not what I have to say about anything, really, (other than the tap on my phone...have any of you noticed a clicking sound??); the Dems in office are utterly castrated, and the only ones, I fear, that we can rely on are ourselves and each other.

It's up to our personal ways-of-life, at this point. Beyond legislation, government sanctioned war and peace, religion and morality.

This blog will be a record and hopefully a resource of my journey to find a more significant way of living on this planet, and in this city.

With Love and Hopes for Many Hits!



Blogger Kindred Nutmeg said...

Good Stuff Yvette... I've bookmarked Your blog..

Nutmeg ( PTF )

12:39 PM  
Anonymous Daniel said...

Keep it up! You use the design of my first blog ever, good choice ;-) Blogs may offer what letters failed to achieve. Got your URL from dropping knowledge networks, I´m Editor for our weblog "the drop". Look around and comment, comment, comment. Thanks for supporting dk. Cheers, Daniel.

10:55 AM  
Anonymous karen in sf said...

Great work, Yvette! I will continue to read.

11:18 AM  

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